What is Alopecia?

Everything depends on the parcel of land

Losing your hair doesn’t mean a similar factor to a person, a woman, AN adult or a toddler, and reckoning on whether or not you lose all of your hair or simply a number of patches.

A development “rooted” within the history of the planet

Alopecia and also the fight against hair loss start to the dawn of your time. The oldest proof goes back to the time of the Egyptians WHO had already developed potions whose purpose was to stay the hair in situ on the pinnacle. The hair has, indeed, AN plain connotation of seduction in girls, however conjointly in men. it’s a logo of strength as prompt by the Old Testament text that describes the loss of the Sanson colossus’s power once his head is sheared. For Merovingians, provided hair is substitutable with manhood. of these qualifiers have, of course, no medical basis. the simplest proof is that, regarding virility, the other has conjointly been mentioned,

Alopecia and fox: what relationship?

Alopecia could be a difficult term that comes from the Greek “alopex” which means “fox”. it’s in relevance the rich fall of the fur of those animals, every spring, once the sun regains its rights. The elders have so chosen this term to designate the loss of hair. In fact, alopecia, conjointly referred to as phalacrosis, corresponds to the very fact that there’s less hair on the pinnacle. The term phalacrosis a lot of without delay corresponds to hereditary hair loss: bald men from father to son. Alopecia, they correspond to a broader idea, since they conjointly describe the loss of diffuse hair, plaque or in girls, in brief the loss of hair regardless of the cause.

Male androgenous baldness

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It is a really common and frequent evolution of the traditional lifetime of the hair. Baldness, or androgenous baldness, that isn’t a illness, begins once time of life, most frequently before the age of forty. It affects regarding V-J Day of men at the age of twenty, half-hour at thirty and one in 2 to fifty years. Hair loss is a smaller amount well old than it starts early. once androgenous baldness is severe, it seems simply once a time of life, generally in kids of twelve or thirteen years. The less severe forms seem rather from the thirties and evolve frequently with the age.

Under secretion dependence

Baldness depends on sure male hormones (androgens), thus the scientific name of androgenous baldness. there’s ne’er phalacrosis among eunuchs or opera castras: no androgens , no phalacrosis. Male hormones play a key role within the mechanism of this sort of hair loss, that conjointly explains why male pattern phalacrosis doesn’t begin till once the time of life.

An internal secretion that’s reworked

Testosterone is concerned in phalacrosis however indirectly. This internal secretion should be reborn to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by AN accelerator, five alpha enzyme, to become active and cause hair loss. DHT can pack the method of constructing hair that may renew itself quicker and quicker. once twenty-five cycles, the cyst becomes exhausted and also the hair becomes finer and finer till it becomes a fine, clear down with none covering power.

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