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Toto virtually interprets to toto in Korean language. 메이저 토토사이트 each North and South Korea has prohibited gambling for all its residents. this implies that individuals UN agency square measure official residents of Korean Peninsula aren’t any longer allowed to participate in gambling activities.

This act was passed as a result of several Koreans were concerned in illicit gambling activities: losing vital things to their gambling addiction.

The only those who square measure lawfully allowed to gamble within the country square measure people who have return from outside the country. In alternative words, solely foreign guests will gamble within the country while not the laws percussing them. however all the same, foreigners square measure allowed to gamble solely a restricted set of games.

There square measure some loopholes that may be utilized by folks of Korean Peninsula to ingest their gambling addiction, though.

If you’re a resident of South Korea, and need to play video games, here is wherever you would possibly be able to get served:

Kangon Land Casino. it’s the biggest gambling venue within the whole country. However, you’ll ought to use your tricks if you want to play here.

Be warned!

If you’re caught lawlessly cheating, you’ll be charged up to five million South Korean won, that is adequate 4200 United State Dollars! this can be supported Article 246 of Criminal Code.

Additionally, if you’re caught gambling multiple times, you will be charged four times that amount: twenty million South Korean won, that is adequate virtually sixteen,800 dollars!

If you’re willing to require that risk, proceed more.

As a DPRK resident, there’s terribly restricted data on whether or not gambling is even accepted during this country or not. The punishments square measure unknown too, therefore we might advise against risking virtually your life in pursuit of your gambling addiction.


We’re here to save lots of your day.

Tobogtoto is one among the terribly restricted major toto sites on the net. the aim of our web site is to assist you discover toto websites that are white listed by the Korean government. What this implies for you – the patron – is that you just will lawfully partake in gambling activities while not having several government laws biding you. however take care, you have got been warned.

Tobogtoto is one among the distinctive major toto sites that may assist you attain what you would like – gambling – with none legal percussion.

Features of website

Major toto website

Our web site Tobogtoto may be a major toto web site and therefore offers you a good form of content, and every one of it’s real. All our content on our web site is real, and that we will truly prove it to you.

Safe to use

We have more responsible all the mandatory verification by the govt. and therefore provide you with all the gambling you will ever want, while not the necessity of regularly worrying concerning having the govt. on your back.

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