Having a slow broadband speed is always a concern to most of the broadband users. Buying high-speed connection packages and not getting satisfactory results is indeed very frustrating. At the end of the day, broadband service providers are blamed for claiming false facts about the product and not delivering what they promised.

Broadband Connection Sharing

However, most of the time a weak broadband service has nothing to do with broadband providers. The broadband connection at your home is not used just by you. A single broadband line may sometimes be connected to various links, providing services to different users simultaneously. For instance, if other users are constantly streaming videos and downloading endlessly, then indeed, the chances of slowing down of internet speed are quite high.

Slow internet speeds – broadband providers are not always to be blamed.

The broadband connection at your home is not used exclusively by you. It may be derived from a single broadband line that’s serving multiple users at the same time. This is termed as “contention ratio,” which signifies the total number of customers per broadband line. So now, if one user is consistently streaming high definition videos, playing games online, and downloading limitlessly, then yes, it will slow down the internet speed of other users connected to that broadband line.

Want to enhance your internet SPEED – follow these protocols:

Broadband users need to understand the fact that broadband service providers are not always to be blamed. To maintain a good speed of your broadband service, there are few key pointers that you must follow. We have gathered some of the most important protocols that you must follow to keep our service going.

Restarting the Router:

It may sound a bit common, restarting your broadband router may sometimes play a critical role in uplifting its performance. Being electrical equipment, a router sometimes gets heat and lack to perform well. It is, therefore, recommended that if someone is facing internet speed issues regularly, then they must consider restarting the router twice, or at least once in a day. This will let the internal components of the router to cool down a bit, regaining their optimum working condition.

Selecting the most suitable Location:

To continue using an excellent service, it recommended placing your internet routers to some open space. As we all are well aware that the internet signals consist of electromagnetic waves, and its speed and strength can significantly be affected by thick walls and the ceiling of your house. A router that is placed at some corner of your room will certainly not sending signals properly, affecting its overall performance. Therefore, placing your broadband device in an open space allows you to enjoy your internet perfectly without putting you in a hassle. Another aspect to consider is the elevation at which the device is placed. It recommended placing routers at a convenient height, as they work perfectly fine when placed at elevated places.

Remove all the Hindrances:

Making sure that your internet is working perfectly fine; the foremost thing to look for are the hindrances that are causing your internet signals to drop. Weoften try to place our broadband routers in open space, where they can easily fetch the incoming signals.However, the only hindrances are not just the walls or the ceilings. For instance, a microwave oven produces waves that may sometimes get in the way of Wi-Fi signals, affecting them and ultimately decreasing your internet speed. It is, therefore, advised to broadband users to avoid placing your internet routers near to such devices. A device that is associated with electromagnetic waves can interfere with the internet signal.

Consider updating – opt for the latest device software:

To most of the users, it may seem to a bit odd, but updating the software of the router significantly enhances the overall performance of the Wi-Fi router.

To maximise your internet speed, you can opt for two options. You may either update your current device or consider buying yourself a new one, having the latest software.

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