Teddy Bear Puppies

If you have continuously longed for a dog that appears sort of a teddy bear puppies, a bichon frise and Shi Tzu cross might fill the bill. though there is no real breed referred to as the teddy, this hybrid dog is usually stated by that name, and is additionally called the zuchon. each of those breeds ar bred to function companion dogs, as befits a canine named the teddy, a “stuffed animal” return to life.

Teddy Bear Size

At maturity, the Shi Tzu stands between eight and eleven inches tall at the shoulder, consideration between nine and sixteen pounds. The bichon frise is equally sized, starting from nine to twelve inches tall. whereas the breed customary does not specify a weight, it ought to be proportionate to height. despite that parent your puppy notably takes once, he can stand between eight and twelve inches once full-grown, a perfect size for a cuddlesome canine.

Coat and colours

The bichon frise’s coat is tight, curled and nonshedding. The Shih Tzu’s double coated crowning glory is long, thick and floating — and does not shed. If your teddy inherits the Shih Tzu’s flowing locks, don’t be concerned an excessive amount of concerning coat maintenance. The long coat unbroken on Shih Tzu show dogs is not necessary for a house pet. you’ll be able to keep your dog in a very short “puppy” clip. He would require an honest brushing a number of times every week to forestall mats. If his coat is additional bichonlike, he’ll would like daily brushing.

The bichon frise is often white, whereas the Shih Tzu might seem in any color. If your teddy takes once his bichon parent, his coat are going to be predominately white, however the reminder these pups run the gamut. Most of them can have massive areas of white on the body.

eddy Bear Temperament

The yankee Kennel Club describes the Shih Tzu as “affectionate, outgoing, elfin and charming,” whereas the bichon frise is “curious, peppy” and elfin. Your teddy has just one want in life, and that is staying by your facet. though your dog wants lots of attention, his exercise wants ar modest and a number of daily walks ought to do. He gets beside cats and different dogs, and is okay with older children.

Teddy Bear Health

Your teddy dog is prone to hereditary problems plaguing each parent breeds. These include:

  • Dental sickness
  • Orthopedic issues, as well as slipped kneecaps and hip abnormality
  • Eye conditions, as well as progressive retinal atrophy or cataracts
  • Kidney ailments

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