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In writings of Ayurveda the herb Crocus Sativus or kumkuma or saffron price is gathered under “Varnya” gana. Varnya implies the one which gives reasonableness and gleam to skin.


Saffron is perhaps the costliest zest utilized in Ayurveda, Unani and Chinese restorative arrangements. It is utilized widely in European, North African, and Asian foods as a flavoring and shading specialist. The historical backdrop of this current plant’s starting point and development can be followed back to 3000 years in the district of Central Asia.


The saffron plant is blooming perpetual plant. Purple shaded blossom of this plant bears three marks of shame. The culled and dried marks of shame are utilized in cooking, prescription arrangements and magnificence items.


Saffron contains a carotenoid called crocin which bestows brilliant yellow shading to dishes.


Ayurveda characteristics of Saffron or Kumkuma


Agreeing ayurveda pharmacology, saffron is harsh to taste and expands body fire. It adjusts tridoshas (vata, pitta and kapha).


Ayurveda Medicinal properties of saffron


Impact on skin:. It decreases dull shades, dark circles under eyes, skin break out and pimple. It expands decency and gleam of skin.


Impact On Central Nervous System: Saffron is utilized as a functioning fixing in ayurveda arrangements for ailments of focal sensory system.


In Rheumatoid joint inflammation: It is compelling in Rheumatoid joint inflammation.


Impact On Digestive System: Kumkuma or saffron builds craving. It additionally decreases heartburn, looseness of the bowels, spewing and causticity


Impact on Circulatory framework: Saffron goes about as a heart tonic and is utilized to treat maladies which start from vitiation of blood.


Impact on Excretory framework: It helps in simple progression of pee and thus utilized in maintenance of pee.


Impact on regenerative framework:


  1. Male regenerative framework: Saffron restores male conceptive framework. This property is utilized in ayurveda to treat conditions like erectile brokenness, untimely discharge, low sperm check and low sperm motility.


  1. Female regenerative framework: Saffron facilitates the menstrual stream and goes about as antispasmodic. Henceforth it is utilized in dysmenorrhea, essential amenorrhea and to ease conveyance of child.


Impact on entire body: These lovely red marks of disgrace help to restore body and go about as “rasayana”. They support body insusceptibility and increment vitality level.


Home cures with saffron


  1. Make a glue of shoe wood and saffron. Weaken this with little water and apply it as face pack. This diminishes skin break out, pimples, dark circles, dim shades and increment reasonableness and gleam of skin.


  1. Saffron glue when applied on wound quickens recuperating process.


  1. At the point when shoe wood and saffron glue blend is applied on brow it decreases fever and cerebral pain.


  1. A blend of rose water and finely ground saffron ingrained in eyes help to reinforce the vision.


  1. Fry 4-5 almonds in ghee. Granulate these almonds with saffron and milk to make a fine glue. Blend this glue to some milk to get rich, thick brilliant yellow kesar badam milk. Devouring kesar badam milk around evening time restores male and female conceptive framework. This helps men who are enduring with erectile brokenness, low sperm tally, low sperm motility and untimely discharge.


  1. Saffron must be regulated in pregnant ladies from third trimester. (seventh month). Around 5-6 marks of shame of saffron ought to be ground with milk and later blended to some milk. This milk must be devoured around evening time.


Safety measure: Saffron ought not be regulated in early pregnancy as it might cause premature birth.



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