Genuine Diamond Rings Are Becoming Hard to Come By

 All That Glitters isn’t a Diamond Ring
It accustomed be, in days lapsed, that individuals buying diamond rings did not have to worry regarding an excessive amount of in terms of fakes, fillers and frauds. However currently days, with such a lot at stake, diamond hk became target for individuals eager to benefit of the ill-informed. However do they are doing so? By commercialism what seems to be real diamond rings once in reality, they’re promoting cuboidal Zirconia’s, treated diamonds, semisynthetic diamonds, artificial diamonds and altogether fakes. to determine that your diamond is real, verify that there’s a comeback policy before you get, then take the stone to a 3rd party, certified diamond appraiser; you’ll realize one through the Yankee Society of Appraisers (703-478-2228) or the Yankee Gem Society (702-255-6500). A diamond appraisal may be a crucial step within the diamond shopping for process; do not skip it!

Just Say, “No” To Treated Diamond Rings

I once dated a rather pretty girl; she was exciting to seem at to mention the smallest amount. however as I have to be compelled to grasp her, I came to search out that she wore colored contact lenses, had hair weave extensions and her on the face of it voluptuous size D breasts were really a cup size B. She was sporting a brassiere that greatly increased her breast size. Sort of a ton of ladies, she did things to boost her look to draw in men and that i fell for it… a minimum of for a flash. “I believe love initially sight, however I conjointly believe taking a second look!” That re-assessment is what gave her away!

Some unscrupulous jewelers and shady dealers do a similar factor once it involves diamond rings; they treat their diamonds however refuse or fail to tell their customers. Once it involves buying stones, decide if the jeweler uses treatments of any sort. They ought to be forthright. If not, do not buy from that jeweler or dealer. Here at the Diamond consultants, we’ve a maxim, “If it is a treated diamond, RETREAT!”

Legitimate Diamond Ring Jewelers and Dealers continuously offer a comeback Policy

if you are not happy together with your purchase, you ought to be able to come back the item for a full refund as long as it’s in its original condition. A traditional come back policy provides you a minimum of thirty days from the date of purchase to come back the stone. This enables you ample time to induce a diamond appraisal from a 3rd party.

Please note: diamond rings and things showing signs of damage or people who are incised, altered, resized or broken in any form, type or fashion, can possibly not be accepted for come back.

Don’t Fall For the “Diamond Rings On Sale” promotional material

When a jeweler advertises a buying deal on diamond rings, watch out! True sales on diamond do not exist and doubtless ne’er can and permanently reason. The retail world’s diamond provide is rigorously musical organization by DE Beers; the mining combine that controls sixty fifth of the world’s rough (or uncut) diamond provide.

Everyone within the business is aware of that DE Beers either will increase production or throttles back provide to stay costs in their management. Do not believe it? Did you recognize that on might twenty seven, 2008, DE Beers united to settle a category Action suit alleging they’d at bay the marketplace for diamonds for many years, keeping costs unnaturally high? They’re distributing $295 million greenbacks to place that legal bother behind them.

BUT, they still management a majority of the diamond market and therefore the rating of diamonds. Therefore if you think that you’re obtaining a sales value, assume again! You will be obtaining treated diamonds or maybe worse, a fake. Remember: there is not any such factor as a diamond sale!

Get a Diamond Appraisal otherwise you would possibly find yourself Crying The Blues

In this refined market, the sole factor to lawfully shield a emptor may be a real diamond appraisal from an authorized third party jeweler appraiser. You ought to grasp that thieves, con men, scam artists, opportunists and unscrupulous jewelers have down the art of counterfeiting diamond rings. In some cases, they nearly fool seasoned jewelers. Diamond rings square measure pricey, do not take an opportunity together with your hard-earned money; get a diamond appraisal!

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