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If you are a complete novice trying to find your first electric guitar …Or an old explorer looking for your tenth …The actual process of finding your next guitar never becomes much easier. Because it does not matter how many you’ve played and how many you have …There are always hundreds more you have never heard of, and you will never be able to play …In addition, dozens of small data about the instrument itself that is still unknown.

And so…Would not it be nice if there was only one resource that would give you an overview of all this? So, did not you have to spend days jumping on the Internet from one website to another? Well, for today’s publication, that’s exactly what I have for you:

A complete resource on electric guitars that will allow both novices and experienced players to see the big picture of the options and find exactly what they are looking for with their next guitar.

The First Question to Ask Yourself

With most musical instruments …It makes sense that most of your research focuses on comparing the key characteristics of popular models, right?But nevertheless…I would say that the electric guitar is one of the few exceptions to this rule.Because for whatever reason, with this particular instrument …Players develop an irrationally strong emotional attachment to certain body styles.

If the body style does not match the style of music you play and your mental fantasy on stage … the best “features” of the world will not matter to you in the least.And although this certainly matters less and less, the more guitars you have … if this is your first and only guitar … it matters more than anything.That is why you must make this decision first, first of all.So let’s start with that …

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